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How Many Days Until Something is a Habit II
How Many Days Until Something is a Habit II
ink and acrylic on hand-cut paper collage
24" x 30"

About her work

Megan Hildebrandt’s work stems from an urgent need to document the monumental as well as the seemingly mundane events in her life. Her works on paper - cut, marked, drawn and painted - document her lived experience and communicate emotional truths about her medical treatment, changes in her environment, and the physical and intellectual development of her daughter. She watches as her daughter learns to speak, develops fine motor skills, and forms her identity. Her work is a record of this process. In one of her first series of works as a parent, Hildebrandt created laborious paper cutouts on painted paper: a delicately undulating netting that expresses the physical and mental labor that a mother gives to her child. With each cutout, and each thing she gives her daughter, it feels like there is nothing left to cut. And yet, she finds more space to carve away. More of herself to give.