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Anger Became a Mountain
Anger Became a Mountain
mixed media on paper
h 9" x 12"

On being an artist and a mom:

I believe parenting can be a creative act. As parents we must be resourceful, flexible, and are constantly pushed to come up with creative solutions—all great skills for an artist. I also feel like it gives me an opportunity to connect with my kid in a very unique way and show him the world through the artist’s lens.

Being a single working parent also comes with distinct challenges. It can be difficult to find time and creative space to work when caretaking, and when I do finally have time I can often be too exhausted (physically, mentally, emotionally) to utilize my creative mind. Financially, it can be difficult because I often have to make choices between my paid work and my creative work.

I've found that when I do collaborative projects or have commitments to other artists (check ins, work sessions, studio visits) it really helps me stay more accountable to making work and staying on top of my stuff. So for me connection is key, even in my personal projects.

I have shifted my perspective somewhat to accept that my creative work just has a longer timeframe now, which ironically can often make me more productive!