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The Gizzard
The Gizzard
colored pencil on paper
24.75" x 19.5"

On being an artist and a mom

Looking back on the early years, I can say I was fortunate in a few key respects. These include: having a very supportive and engaged partner and extended family, resources for childcare, and babies who were good sleepers. Also, I make drawings (meaning, little setup/cleanup), have always had a studio at home, and am able to make good use of an hour. It’s been hard at times, but I’ve made a lot of work in the last nine years.

The labor of having kids is real and ongoing. I’m not always the most patient mother, and feel the constant pull of the studio. That said, I’m in a sweet spot now, because my girls are older, in school full-time, and often disappear to play together when they’re home. They are growing up with artist-designer parents, and make quite a lot themselves, meaning every surface of our house features someone’s work in progress. It has been great watching my kids’ creative lives unfold. They don’t distinguish between art and play (probably true for a lot of kids)—a sculpture becomes a stage for their toys, and changes as their play requires it. There’s no precious object, it’s all changeable. Also, they get to see my husband and I choose to make objects and images. They witness our experiments and failures, as well as the time and patience good work demands. I’m glad to be able to share that.